Our Mission  From the moment a person begins earning money they’re on a journey to their financial future. To help ensure it’s the one they envision, Level Financial Advisors provides the guidance tailored for every stage on that journey. At each step they get the expertise, knowledge, and dedication of the Level Financial Team – giving them the confidence they have a trusted partner to assist them with their financial goals in the near and long term.

As financial advisors, we can see the nervousness in our client’s eyes. We understand it. You’re entrusting us with your family’s financial well-being, your hopes and dreams for retirement, and your legacy.

That’s why we formed Level Financial Advisors, a local registered independent advisory firm providing financial planning and investment management to individuals and organizations.

Since 1980, our firm has helped hundreds of individuals and families achieve their financial goals, educate their children, retire with dignity, and take care of their heirs. We’ve been able to accomplish this by taking the time to get to know our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works. You have to dive in deep to really get insight into their lives. Then we combine that with our wealth of financial knowledge to engineer a plan that meets their specific goals. In short, we become partners in our clients’ success.


Our Profile

  • Professional investment management and financial planning since 1980.
    • Rosanne Braxton CFP® (1991)
    • Richard Schroeder CFP® (1995)
    • Winfred Jacob CFP®, ChFC (2002)
    • Steven Elwell CFP® (2009)
    • Paul Coleman III  CFP® (2014)
    • Elise Murphy CFP® (2015)
  • $378 million under management for 602 clients*
  • A rigorous financial planning and investment management process with regular reviews of each client’s needs, goals, and investments.
  • Process includes coordination with each client’s legal, accounting, and other professional advisors
  • Services include:
    • Investment management
    • Planning for retirement
    • Tax minimization strategies
    • Planning for college education
    • Trust investment and administration
    • Debt management
    • Insurance and risk management
    • Estate planning
    • Charitable gifts
    • Major purchases
    • Cash flow management.
  • Clients charged by fee only. No commissions or product sales. Fees assessed as a percentage of assets managed or on an hourly basis.
  • Competitive and reasonable investment management fees. Fee schedule:
    1.15% first 500K
    0.85% next 500K
    0.5% next 2M
    0.4% over 3M

    For example, a $1 million account would be charged 1.00% of assets; a $3.5 million account would be charged 0.63% of assets. Clients can start with as little as $5,000.

  • Client assets held by Charles Schwab & Co. Institutional Services as custodian. Complete historical account and tax records maintained by Level Financial Advisors.

* as of June 2018