VIDEO: Trust Planning Webinar Replay

Level Financial Advisors hosts 1 hour trust planning webinar

Level Financial Advisors and Judy N. Cuzzacrea Wagner, partner at Harris Beach Attorneys At Law, LLC, host this free, on-line educational session discussing the in’s and out’s of trusts and how they can be a valuable tool in your retirement estate planning. We discuss what a trust is, how it can be created and funded and how trusts are managed and administered. Originally recorded August 4th, 2022.

Investment Anxiety- Simple 401k Plan fundamentals that bear repeating. 

Clearly, we are witnessing a number of very negative and alarming local and world events playing out around us with relentless, 24/7 news coverage.  In addition and often in response to these issues, the investment markets are down significantly since the start of the year and we are seeing the results of this reflected in our 401k balances.  It is safe to say that we all are feeling some anxiety. While we can’t predict future events, here are a few fundamental financial/investment concepts that are good to keep in mind especially at moments like these when managing your 401k plan:   Stock market corrections happen regularly We should expect them.  Historically however, stock market corrections are followed by stock market recoveries.  The recoveries/bull markets tend to be longer and bigger than the corrections, which makes sense and explains why over the long term stocks have produced positive returns despite the periodic downturns in the...

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Weathering the Storm

The stock and bond markets have had a historically bad start to 2022 as investors are feeling anxious about rising interest rates, high inflation, a slowing economy and war in Ukraine. Here’s how the US bond market, S&P 500 and Nasdaq have performed so far: The downturn has been particularly bad for growth stocks and long-term bonds, which were two categories that had huge returns over the last three years. You may have heard us discuss how these categories were performing in previous quarterly letters and commentary along with our expectation that, at some point, these categories would cool off and other categories would start to lead. It certainly appears that moment has arrived. As many of you know, we generally don’t make predictions about how the markets will react in the short term because we know that nobody has ever been able to reliably predict short-term market movements. The good news...

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VIDEO: Introducing Retirement Renaissance

Our initial video in our Retirement Renaissance video series talking about living well in retirement.

Retirement Renaissance – focused entirely on living better in retirement! Join our hosts, Mike Angelucci, CFP® and Level’s COO Mike Heburn, along with experts in health, diet, exercise, and more! Living well in retirement is more than just reaching your financial goals! You saved your whole life to enjoy your retirement; learn how in this regular video series.