VIDEO: Trust Planning Webinar Replay

Level Financial Advisors hosts 1 hour trust planning webinar

Level Financial Advisors and Judy N. Cuzzacrea Wagner, partner at Harris Beach Attorneys At Law, LLC, host this free, on-line educational session discussing the in’s and out’s of trusts and how they can be a valuable tool in your retirement estate planning. We discuss what a trust is, how it can be created and funded and how trusts are managed and administered. Originally recorded August 4th, 2022.

VIDEO: Introducing Retirement Renaissance

Our initial video in our Retirement Renaissance video series talking about living well in retirement.

Retirement Renaissance – focused entirely on living better in retirement! Join our hosts, Mike Angelucci, CFP® and Level’s COO Mike Heburn, along with experts in health, diet, exercise, and more! Living well in retirement is more than just reaching your financial goals! You saved your whole life to enjoy your retirement; learn how in this regular video series.