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Blueprint by Level Financial Advisors

Blueprint is designed for investors looking to build their financial plan without the requirement of high account balances. It is perfect for entry level investors wanting to put their money to work, or for those investors who want a completely digital approach to their money management. The three-step process makes it easy for individuals to enroll and invest their money. And with Charles Schwab behind this powerful investment tool, investors have access to state-of-the art mobile applications, and reporting tools to ensure that peace of mind is always in their hand.

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Full BluePrint Case Study

Lacy, age 29

Lacy has been working for a large insurance company as an event planner for eight years and is making $105,000 a year. She wanted to make sure she was saving enough for retirement and investing her 401k appropriately. She also had accumulated over $40,000 in savings at a large bank earning .01% annual interest. She had two student loans remaining, one at an interest rate of 3.75% and another at 6.25%.

We confirmed Lacy was on track for her retirement goals but suggested she change how she uses her unspent cash each month. We recommended she start a monthly contribution to a Roth IRA to provide tax-free growth for the rest of her life. We helped her reduce costs and further diversify her 401k by changing her investment allocations. We recommended she pay $100 per month extra on her 6.25% student loan to pay it off three years early and save $1,800 in interest. We recommended she change her savings account to a different bank to earn $200 per year more in interest while still having FDIC insurance. And finally, we recommended she utilize her company’s health savings account to save over $800 per year on regular medical expenses.

This is the power of a financial Blueprint – not just an investment platform, but a plan for your future!