Since 1979 our firm has helped hundreds of individuals and families achieve their financial goals, educate their children, retire with dignity, and take care of their heirs. We help our clients achieve success through our personalized financial planning and investment management process.

Fee-only fiduciary planning

Trusting your hard-earned savings to a financial planner can be nerve racking. How are you paying them? What is the cost? This is why Level Financial Advisors subscribes to the fee-only, fiduciary approach.

Fee-Only Advisors

Fee-only advisors cannot accept any compensation that does not come directly from our clients for services provided. This means no referral fees from third parties, no upfront or back-end commissions, or mutual fund marketing fees, no insurance or annuity commissions, or any other material incentives. Our advice is solely-based on the best interest of our clients, not on incentives provided by other parties.**


When advisors describe themselves as fee-based it means that some of their compensation comes directly from their clients as fees, but not all. They also sell financial products to their clients for commission, accept referral fees, and accept other forms of incentives for the products they recommend to their clients.

Why a Fee-Only Advisor is Important

Fee-only financial planners are compensated differently. So what? If you’re getting good advice that’s really all that should matter, right? Well, yes, but that’s exactly why this is important. When push comes to shove, our natural loyalty is going to be to the person who signs our paycheck. And for fee-only advisors, like Level Financial Advisors, we are paid by our clients, not a third party, so our loyalty, advice and focus is always on your future.

Whatever your financial stage, there is a strategy

We developed our investment process to manage our clients’ assets in a rational, sound manner. Our process is based on the latest academic research and allows us to construct globally-diversified portfolios that are tax-and-cost efficient.

We manage client portfolios through accounts held at Charles Schwab,  the nation’s largest discount broker. We will work with you to identify your goals and to develop an investment plan to meet those goals. Primarily investing in top-quality, low-cost institutional mutual funds, we will monitor your accounts, re-balance them periodically back to your original allocation, report on your progress each quarter, and meet with you at least annually to review your financial plan and investments. Our goal is to help you with the concerns and problems associated with investing your assets. We do the research, make the decisions, and keep all the necessary records. We make sure that you and your tax preparer will have the information you need to make tax decisions and prepare your tax returns. We are always available to discuss your finances and to help you with new issues that appear as life progresses.


Today’s Plan. Tomorrow’s Success.

Life presents an increasingly confusing and difficult set of financial decisions. Here is a small sample of the questions we help answer:

  • How much should you put in your retirement account?
  • Do you need life insurance, and, if so, how much and what type?
  • How can you accumulate enough money to help your children or grandchildren go to college?
  • How can I reduce my tax bill?
  • What happens at retirement and how do you set up a regular income?
  • Are you adequately protected from lawsuits from accidents in your home or auto?
  • Can you protect yourself from high long-term care costs?
  • How can you protect your family when you are gone?
  • What should you do to take care of your heirs?

We will help you develop a sound financial plan to protect you, your loved ones, and your assets from disaster, disability, and premature death. We will help you figure out what you need to do to educate your children and finance your retirement. We will develop strategies to pay off debt and accumulate savings.

Our Services

You have a vision for your future. We provide the road map.

Foundation by Level Financial Advisors

You have complex financial needs that have grown as your assets have.

Cornerstone by Level Financial Advisors

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Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the needs of the client.  Level Financial does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Level Financial does not prepare estate planning documents, tax returns, or sell insurance products.