Key Technology Tools for Clients

At Level Financial Advisors, one of our primary goals is to create efficient and valuable communication between you and your planning team. That is why we strive to implement a seamless software interface that you a can interact with on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Here is a brief review of the 4 Key Tools available to our clients as part of our technology stack:

1 – Client portal – The connection hub between you and your advisor

What can it do?

  • Review your portfolio allocation and performance.
  • Review your required minimum distribution amount and what’s remaining for the year.
  • Download portfolio reports such as performance and beneficiary statements.
  • Review your retirement plan through MoneyGuide.
  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor through Calendly.
  • Retrieve Schwab custodial statements and tax reports.
  • Download your Quarterly Reports.
  • Link your Sharefile account to retrieve documents with one login (see below).
  • Aggregate your “held-away” assets that are part of your overall retirement plan*
  • Available in any web-browser at com or using our mobile app.

2 – MoneyGuide  – Your goal-based interactive financial plan

  • MoneyGuide is integrated with our client portal. It includes key components of your retirement projection and financial plan. If your plan is not live on our portal, ask your advisor about adding it to your online platform.
  • Playzone – a tool that allows you to test out different retirement scenarios and determine probabilities of success
  • A visually pleasing way for your advisor to relay your personalized financial plan and goals.

3 – Sharefile – A secure way to send confidential documents

  • ShareFile is used to send and receive private statements or documents that you would like to share with your advisor.
  • Provides for encrypted and secure transmission of your private information and documents.
  • Can be linked directly to your client portal to eliminate additional logins.

4 – Calendly – A quick way to schedule a meeting with your advisor

  • Our “Calendly” software is directly linked to your advisor’s schedule and displays up-to-the-minute availability of your advisor.
  • Meetings can be scheduled at either of our two offices, via Zoom or via phone call.
  • A simple point and click interface allows for quick scheduling in a matter of seconds.

We encourage all of our clients to use our Client Portal to access our secure technology tools. We continue to add functionality and integrations to make the most of today’s changing needs. As part of our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology, we also offer a Technology Specialist to help you with your questions and troubleshooting.  You can contact our specialist, Bethany Wagner, at 716-634-6113 or via email at

Need to sign up for our client portal?  Text the word PORTAL to 716-727-5047.

Robert Decker
Financial Planning Associate

*some restrictions apply.  Consult your advisor for more information.



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