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Important Information For Our Clients Pertaining to Business Continuity

The Governor of New York has issued a state-wide mandate that 100% of non-essential employees work from home, effective Sunday evening. As you may know, most of our staff has been working remotely since Monday, and any remaining employees will begin working at home starting March 23rd at 8:30am. We expect no interruption in our ability to service our clients, with very few exceptions noted below. We will continue to operate as we have all this week.  Our various modes of contact are listed below and we encourage our clients to reach out to us as they normally would. On an indefinite basis, the following exceptions will apply to our normal operations: Both our Hamburg and Amherst offices will be closed. No in-person meetings will be held.  Zoom (web conferencing) and phone meetings are always available. Clients should not drop off items to our offices.  We encourage our clients to mail or...

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DFA Reduces Cost Of Mutual Funds

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) announced they are cutting costs on seventy-seven of their mutual funds beginning February 28th.  This represents an average management fee reduction of 8% on their funds, which are already considered low cost when compared to their industry peers. Any reduction in the cost of the mutual funds we use means that you, the investor, get to keep more of the returns earned by the fund.  We have long advocated for using low cost, tax efficient funds to implement our portfolios.  Morningstar, an independent mutual fund rating firm, has concluded in their own study that the cost of a mutual fund is one of the best predictors of the fund’s ability to perform well relative to its peers. Naturally, we ran a quick calculation to try and estimate how much we expect the annual savings will be for our portfolios.  We determined that the average cost of our 60%...

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