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Five Smart Ways to Protect Your Identity and Digital Assets

The other day when talking with some peers at a group function in New York, someone asked a pretty simple but intriguing question: “As a business owner, what really keeps you up at night?” It was interesting to listen to the variety of answers coming from this very capable group of leaders.  Market volatility, political turmoil, ever-changing regulatory requirements, hiring bright new advisors; the list went on and on and on.  Perhaps more fascinating to me during this impromptu round of “Q and A” was how no one had dropped the dreaded c-word.  Cyber-security! There’s nothing as a business owner that presents a greater risk, that is more pervasive, susceptible to soft targets, and damaging than the potential for a data breach.  In financial services, that risk is only amplified. Yes, we are a financial advisory firm entrusted with helping our clients reach their life-long goals, but perhaps even more important –...

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DFA’s Take on Recent Market Volatility

We should expect volatility: It is important to remember how well-functioning capital markets work and what prices reflect; prices reflect the aggregate expectations of market participants. Risk aversion, investors’ tastes and preferences, and expectations about future profits are among the many inputs that affect aggregate expectations. We should expect these inputs to vary day-to-day. This implies we should expect aggregate expectations to vary from day-to-day. Markets adapt to changing expectations and new information. As a result, we expect prices, as well as the level of volatility, to fluctuate. It is interesting to think of the alternative: If prices did not adjust and remained constant, we would be concerned that markets were not functioning properly. Click Here to Read Full Article...

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