Moveit Data Breach – Potentially the Biggest In History

Progress Moveit logo regarding security breach

Like many Americans, I recently received a letter from a financial institution, in this case my bank, informing me of a data breach with one of their third-party vendors called MOVEit. The MOVEit software is a file transfer system that is used globally. There was a vulnerability in the software that allowed hackers to steal files containing sensitive customer data from many companies including government agencies, healthcare firms, insurance companies, law firms, and major financial institutions. Even companies that did not directly experience a breach of their internal systems may have had data compromised through external service providers. We should note that some of the largest financial services companies in the world have been impacted, including Charles Schwab and TIAA (TD Ameritrade, which merged with Schwab, was impacted). See Schwab’s statement on the breach here: At Level Financial Advisors, some clients have reached after receiving similar letters. At the heart of these...

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