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Not All Banks are Created Equal

Online Banks vs Traditional Banks

Let’s face it; consumers are growing tired of low interest rates on their checking and savings accounts. recently estimated the national average annual percentage yield (APY) on money market accounts to be .11%. That’s just over one-tenth of one percent! Millennials might not realize that banks paid rates in the double digits in the 1980’s. Baby boomers are often left feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days of high returns for low risk savings. Consumers who Google “high interest rates savings accounts” are inundated with a listing of banks they’ve probably never heard of before. Who are these banks and how do you know you can trust them? Today, banks yielding the highest rates are often online banks – with no brick or mortar buildings or ATMs. These banks often provide streamlined electronic tools like web chat and responsive phone service centers to make up for their lack of physical locations near...

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