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Why we are changing our name to Level Financial Advisors


Over the past few weeks, we have alerted our clients, vendors, and strategic partners about our big news:  SBV is changing its name to Level Financial Advisors beginning March 14. We wanted to share with everyone the reasons behind the change. Why Level Financial Advisors? We endeavored to create a name that tells people what we do and speaks to who we are as a company!  Our goal is to help our clients to reach higher – to aspire to gain higher levels of financial achievement. Why Level? We believe that level conveys integrity, that we are level headed and willing to  “level with our clients” about their finances and the reality of evidence-based investing. Symbolically – a level is an “instrument for giving a horizontal line of sight.”  We want all of our clients to have a clear line of sight to their goals. Pragmatically – it’s much easier to say! Most importantly, the change communicates our...

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